Agriculture Technology Management Agency

(ATMA) -Siwan


On going Progammes under Agri. Technology management Agency are as Follows-


1.                  Kisan Samman Yojna- Under this Plan the best farmers at Block, District and state lavel would be honored with “ Kishan Shree” “Kishan Bhusan” and Kisan Ratna with a prize of rupees 1 Lakh, 2 Lakh and 5 Lakh respectively. Horticulture, Dairy development, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries will be included in this plan also. The prize will be given for those formers who have been using. New crops new varieties  of crops, and new technology in Agriculture  Production and its successful marketing. They will be observed  for Popularizing it among other farmers through extension activities The selection process is going on for Kishan Samman Yojna 2007- 2008 Puraskar Varsh 2008


2.                  Training  of Farmers-  Under this Programmed No. of training camps one organised by the  ATMA Siwan and line development’s  for betterment  of formers knowledge regarding Agricultural Technology. Under “ Mukhaya Manatri Tivra Biz Vistar Karyakram 2008” a number of 3034 (Three Thousand Thirty four) farmers were Trained by ATMA Siwan and different Blocks and in the district head quarter with help of District . Agri. office Siwan.


3.                  Organising Demonstration :-  There is Provision for demonstration  of different cereal crops and medicinal plants. Allocation of Rs. 4000/- (Four thousand) per demonstration is provide  in this plan. The demonstration programme  is conducted by  Atma Siwan  and lives development .


4.                  Exposure Visit of farmer:- There is a provision for exposure visit of farmers in inter state, within state and in the district . The visit is conducted by ATMA and line departments.

(A)              Under this plan 2007-2008 Five (5) farmers had been sent to SIM  Mahotasav Lucknow for the purpose of exposure visit.

(B)              29 Farmers were sent to sonepur fair in Nov. 2007 with their Agri. produce in the UDHyan Pandit Partiyogita out  of wich Shri Rajkishore Bhagat S/o Vishwanath Bhagat at- Sahsarao, Block- Ander, Dist- Siwan was awareded with first  Prize in Kohra Pradarshani.

(C)              36 Farmers were sent to Kishan Panchayat Patna on 17.02.2008.

(D)              So Farmers one likely to be sent for the exposure visit in deepnarayan Singh Khetriya Sahkari Prabandh Sansthan Patna on 05.06.2008


5.                  Mobilization of Farmers Group :-  For  building the capacity of farmers and development of their skill support services seed money and revolving funds, Rewards  incentives etc. one provided. There is allocation of funds for conducting this activities with ATMA. After preparation of S.R.E.P. this activity will be conducted


6.                  Farm Information Dissemination:- There are provision to organic exhibition / Kishan Mela/ Fruit vegetable shows farms information Dissemination done through printed leaflets etc. and advertisement Development of technology  package on electronic farm to be shared through it net work.



7.                  Agricultural Technology Refinement validation and adopotion

(A)  Farmer - Scientist interaction at  District level  (25 farmers for two days)

(B)  Organisation of field days and Kisan Gosthies.

(C)   Assessment Refinement  validation and adoption  of frontline Technologies and Researchable issues though KVKS and other local Research centers



     8.         Farm School:- 

          (a) Farm School would be operational 2nd at block / Grame Penchant level. It could be set up in the field of out standing farmers and awardeis of nationally recognised award for farmers and also in a government/ Non Government Institution